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Monday, April 27, 2015

Johnny Lightning Chevy C10 - a pickup with a separate bed

This truck is one of the very few (perhaps only?) die-cast pick-ups where the truck's bed is not actually cast with the cab.  While the exception, this is actually the correct way to model a truck...

If you look at real frame-on pick-ups from Dodge, Ford, and Chevy (and excepting the weird ones like Ramchargers, El-Caminos, Brats, Ridgelines, etc.), you'll notice that the bed is a separate piece and is attached to the chassis rather than the cab.  This allows for the bed to be removed and the truck to be modified into stake-trucks, tow trucks, etc. 

Amazingly, the same thing can happen to this C10.  I've got the truck in 8 colors.  But if you look at the orange one in the back left of the photo, you'll notice that I've actually removed the bed and instead added a wooden stake platform to it.

It actually allowed Johnny Lightning to do the same thing.  If you look at the white truck in the right foreground of the picture to the right, you'll notice that the bed's been changed to a flare-side bed...!

The model is a great model even apart from the separate bed.  The hood is modeled nicely - with a leading lip that is very unique among opening hoods. 

Among all of my 8 colors, the first red and white color combination is easily my most favorite variation.   Overall, a great truck, with nice weight, correct proportions, and a separate bed!

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