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Friday, May 8, 2015

Lincoln Navigator and Ford Excursion Stretch Limos

Not sure if you remember these stretch limos from about 10 years ago...  They are LOOOONG stretch limos of luxury SUVs - a really cool idea for this typically un-modeled segment of the auto world. 

Unfortunately these limos don't have any opening parts - an opening door (like the ones on the stretch Lincoln Town Car limos done by Majorette about 25 years ago) - would have been a really nice touch.  (Of course, the oversize 1/55th scale of the Majorette limos made this attempt only partially succesful - and off-set the positive aspects of the opening doors). 

But these stretched SUVs had a much bigger problem in my eyes.  The toys were made with beautiful oversize alloy wheels (a plus), but with a massively lowered suspension that would never work in an actual limo.  Certain models seemed to be more lowered than others - you can see the furthest silver limo is almost scraping the ground.  For this reason I only ever bought 3 of these really cool limos. 

When I bought them, I was able to unscrew the base plate (screws!  no rivets!)  of the white Lincoln and artificially modify the suspension to make it ride higher.  Amazingly I was successful in this - you can see in the photo that it rides at a much more normal height. 

I intended to do the same to the other limos but never got around to it.  I guess I can always do it in the future. 

The most surprising thing about these limos was who made them...  Would you believe that Maisto's name is on the bottom!?!

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