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Monday, June 1, 2015

Thoughts on this Blog - Comparison Tests

It's interesting that blog readers seem to focus on whatever is most recently published.  This is not surprising, since the blog is published in a chronological fashion.  But as such some of my best articles quickly get lost and obscured by the latest post. 

The articles for which I'm proudest, the ones that are the most meaty, those that have the most information, those that I put the most time into, and the ones that show off my collection the best, are the comparison tests...  I've put together 4 different comparison tests so far, with the latest (and most interesting) being the Car Carrier comparison from May 19, 2015.  But I've also published a '68/'69 Dodge Charger comparison on April 24, 2015, a European Luxury-Sedan Based Ambulance test on March 28, 2015, and a Mercedes Benz 450SEL comparison on April 4, 2015.

In addition to the above formalized comparisons, many of my posts include less formal comparisons - such as the Ferrari 308 article. 

I'm proud of most of my posts - I wouldn't write them if I wasn't interested in the topics.  I surprised by which items get the most traffic - my re-painted Matchbox Land Rover 90 over-indexed on hits.  While this is a cool piece, I was surprised that the base and wheel swaps of the Matchbox pick-ups (the wildlife truck and the Mountain Man) got so little attention. 

I've always been excited by my collection of Malibu Land Rovers (a higher hit post) and Muscle Machine Japanese Race cars (a relatively lower hit post), but don't understand why one post gets more interest than the other?  My posts about favorite Johnny Lightning models - the Chevy C10 and Chevy Chevelle were both low hit items - yet the castings themselves are very impressive (that's why I blogged about them!) and I include photos of my deep collection of color variations. 

My 2012 post about my Impy Mercedes has 3X more hits than any other posting.  I don't know why - maybe there is just less information on Impys and so my blog post comes up faster in internet searches...? 

Finally, I'd encourage comments to any of my postings (as long as they are appropriate and respectful).  Sometimes I feel like I'm writing in a vacuum - and the only way I know that anyone appreciates my content is from my page view count... 

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