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Thursday, September 10, 2015

China Post #4: Not quite as great Hy-Truck models

This is my 4th post about the models collected on my recent trip to Beijing, and I still have more models after these yet to write about....   All in all, a pretty successful trip from a toy car perspective...!
My last 2 posts were about the fabulous KDW models that I found.  But before I found those models, I found these "Hy-Truck" brand models for about the same price. 
Unfortunately, while they look nice and have a nice and heavy heft to them, the actual quality is not where I'd like it to be.  For instance, I have to press very hard to get the treads on the one vehicle to just barely turn - a child would not be able to get them to turn.  What good is a vehicle that doesn't move?  They'd have been better off to make it a wheeled vehicle rather than one with treads. 
While that issue isn't a problem with the other (wheeled) vehicle - and while it has an impressive telescoping arm and working stabilizers, I was underwhelmed by the fact that the bucket can't actually be lowered all the way to the ground... 
In addition to the above complaints, the level of detailing is subpar.  Overall, I'd recommend avoiding these "Hy-Truck" models and focus on KDW models instead!