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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Rare Zylmex DeTomasa Mangusta

I've always been a Matchbox boy...  ...As a kid it was obvious that the realistic and ubiquitous Matchbox brand was my favorite brand of toy car, easily preferring Matchbox models over the crazy fanciful designs of many of the Hot Wheels castings.  But while Matchbox was my favorite, I liked all of the 1/64th scale cars, and so lusted after the vast variety of models coming from both proud and legitimate names and the less legitimate drug-store brands alike.

The 10 year old in me couldn't have believed that I could ever amass ALL of the Matchbox models, but the middle-aged adult in me knows better.  From the mid 60's through the current day, there are currently only 2-3 unique Matchbox castings/casting variations that I want but do not have.   But thankfully the ocean of 1/64th collecting is only partially explored, and so I still root out and collect wonderful treasures from other toy makers, including highly respected brands like Majorette, Siku, Tomica and Impy, and less respectable brands like Wheeler, Kidco, Playart, Yatming....    ...and of course, Zylmex. 

And while its always exciting to find a well-made casting that you don't have, its even more exciting if the casting is of a car that is seldom modeled.  I have endless '69 Camaros in my collection, but only 1 Honda Accord....  ... and only this 1 Mangusta brought to us by Zylmex. 

 The model in question is in great condition, and is one of the nicer of the Zylmex models, with a metal body AND base plate.  While the model is appropriately detailed, it is a little let down by the cheap looking standard issue Zylmex wheels, the lack of any opening doors or hood, and the plastic-looking front and back grills/lights. 

 As a model, I'd rate it a 7 of 10, particularly due to the scarcity of Mangusta models, and in its excellent condition I think it is very doubtful that I'll be letting it go any time soon. 

Thanks for reading my blog - please feel free to comment and let me know what you thought of it! 

Hope you enjoyed the pictures of this rare find!  Happy collecting!

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