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Friday, April 3, 2015

Ugliest Sports Car Ever - in real life AND in 1/64th scale?

One of the odd things about toy cars is that the car you hate in real life you might love in 1/64th scale, and vice versa.  As a hobbiest, you appreciate a nice model, even if its of something that you don't appreciate in real life. 

I learned this early.  My first real car was a 2nd generation Mazda RX7 Turbo.  I loved that car and still mourn his (hers?) passing - a tale for another time.  But the Maisto model of it?  Plasticky.  Poorly modeled.  Cheap.  etc. 

This evening I was looking for a car for this blog, and so was unpacking a box of cars that I hadn't opened since I'd moved to this house - more than 9 years ago.   It was a nice surprise to start unwrapping all of the individually wrapped cars and find forgotten treasure after forgotten treasure.  And in the midst of this treasure I uncovered....  ....what might just be the ugliest 1/64th scale model ever, of one of the ugliest sports cars ever. 

The real car in question is from a brand that used to be something quite special in motorsports, the Italian brand of Lancia.  But while Lancia's Stratos was something special, the Monte Carlo (also called Scorpion - depending where it was sold) was oddly proportioned and just plain ugly - especially with the big black front bumper treatment.  The first one I ever saw was actually not in the United States - it was on the streets of London England.  I must have stood at it for 10 minutes, staring, trying to decide if I could get past its humble looks and like it for its badge, its manual transmission, its rarity, its essential sports-car-ness...  In the end, I just couldn't warm up to it.   I've lusted after Fiat X1/9s and Alfa Spiders, but this was one affordable Italian sports car that I've never desired. 

And the Majorette version of it?  Even uglier than the original, especially with the ugly standard issue Majorette wheels and being overly large for 1/64th scale (its more like 1/55 scale?).  Of course, it doesn't help that my example of it is very beat-up....  But I dislike it so much I doubt I'll ever hunt down a nicer example.  It certainly is a contender for being the ugliest model ever made, of one of the ugliest sports cars ever made. 

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