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Monday, May 11, 2015

A favorite Matchbox: Mercedes 600SEL

I've always liked Matchbox models of the big luxury sedans - especially those of Mercedes.  Just about all of Matchbox Mercedes Benz models are in my list of favorite castings.  And this is a prime example.  I love the size, the detail, the opening doors, the 8 dot wheels, the metal base, etc. 

I only have it in 2 colors - this silver and the metallic blue one from a premium series.  Of the 2, this is easily preferred.  The blue one looks garish, and the rubber tires of the premium ones are almost always too wide for the cars.  But in silver, the car looks natural and understated, just like the real thing.  I'd like to get a black one as well. 

Matchbox followed this car up with a new version of the S class, but without opening doors.  Unusually for a Matchbox Mercedes model, this newer model (my example is black) was not as great of a success in my eyes.  But I'd still like it in more colors.

I had a boss who had one of these early '90s S-class cars about 15 years ago.  His was an ugly green, with a smaller engine.  I didn't like it much at the time...  This might be a case where I like the model car more than the real car!

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