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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Perfect Japanese Touring Car Race cars... ...from Muscle Machines?

This is an incredible 6 car set of Japanese touring car race cars.  I was surprised to find that they were made by Muscle Machines, a brand that normally makes much more cartoonish models.  I'm guessing they were actually made by some other company, but then simply re-marketed by Muscle Machines. 

They have beautiful unique alloy wheels, amazing detailing, opening doors (that display built-in roll cages), etc.  I love them all, but the MR2 and Celica are my least favorite (they look too big relative to the other models) and are sure to be underpowered vs. the NSX, the RX7 and the Supra. 

The only downside are the very fragile antennas that are already broken off of all of the cars (the Celica also has a broken off spoiler).  After breaking off my first couple of antennas (and knowing how much I loved the set) I actually bought another set of brand new carded cars and left them unopened. 

Astute collectors (or those who know how to count) will observe that there are 7 models in the photos of a 6 car set...  Actually I included an extra car - a Tomica model of an NSX race car (the green NSX), which happens to also be an excellent model of the same car and is the exact same size as the yellow MM model (except that it doesn't have the opening doors).  So I include it as part of the set... 

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