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Saturday, May 23, 2015

SIKU tractors - 2616 and v270 Zettelmeyer Lader Europ L.2000

SIKU is surprising (and satisfying) manufacturer...  When it comes to larger scale (or at least larger size) die-cast, no one else has quite the same selection or quality. 

I've never gotten an adequate sense of everything SIKU has done - I've never found a collector guide or a catalog.  But as I keep on coming across more and more cool stuff, my interest in and respect for the brand has grown. 

Their toys are easy to find on Amazon or EBAY, unfortunately their price points tend to be high - its not unusual to find new larger toys priced at $30+ or $50+ even prior to high shipping costs.  And their vintage pieces on EBAY - even in the smaller scales, are typically a lot as well.  But once in a while you get lucky, as in this case...

I just bought these 2 vintage tractors off of EBAY. The smaller red and yellow item (marked on the bottom as 2616 - made in W. Germany) appears cooler at first glance, with retractable stabilizers that actually work, a lifting and movable front bucket and a lifting and flexible backhoe arm.  Interestingly the backhoe runs along a track on the back of the tractor, allowing it to move side to side.  I'm also partial to any SIKU made in W. Germany vs. Germany - just since it means its older.  That being all said, I was a little let down by the cheap, toy-like wheels, and I has disappointed that the front bucket only had 1 hinge rather than 2. 

The 2nd red and gray tractor has less movable parts, with only the front movable bucket.  However it has a 2 hinges and the hydraulics are tighter, so the bucket stays in whatever place you put it.  It feels like less of a toy and more of a collectors piece.  It is marked as V270 on the bottom, along with "Zettelmeyer" and "Lader Europ L.2000".  Zettelmeyer L.2000 is also cast into the side of the unit. 

Taken together, these tractors complement a burgeoning collection of larger SIKU pieces, particularly tractors and other industrial work equipment.  While I always have a difficult time swallowing the initial purchase prices, I find myself very rarely disappointed or regretting the purchase.  And given that I these 2 items are both vintage, and were purchased at a relatively low bid EBAY price, I'm very satisfied with this purchase!

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