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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Rare model (at least in the USA): Matchbox Ford Falcon

Throughout the '80s and '90s, Matchbox seemed to occasionally have cars that were somewhat country specific, where for some reason the car was harder to find than you'd expect.  I have no actual evidence of this, but there were always models that seemed harder to find in the USA, and seemingly very easy to find in Europe.  The prime example of this is the Rover 3500, but the Skoda, the Vauxhall Calibra, and the Carmichael Commander also seem to fall into this category.  While not impossible to find in the USA, they just seemed to be harder to find, and thus may be missing from many casual collector (and kids') collections. 

And in the late '90s and the early 2000s, 2 examples were the Holden Commodore and the Ford Falcon... 

I have 7,000+ diecast, of which at least 4,000 must be Matchbox, yet I only have this one example of this (relatively nice!) casting, which came out while I was in the heyday of my collecting binge.  I think I only came across this model once (the time I bought it) - and I never saw it in a mainline big box retail store like a WalMart or a ToysRUs. 

The model is a pretty nice model.  There are no opening parts (typical of a late 90s MB casting) and has a plastic base.  But the base has nice detail on it, and there is nice metal detail on the diecast body, including mirrors, vents, grill, and additional contours across the car. 

The paint is reasonable - although I find the specific color to be a kind of boring super-man blue, but the rear stop lights are painted in and there is a "Ford" in script letters on the front license plate bracket. 

Overall, a nice, reasonable, casting - not overly inspiring casting, but a worthy effort by Matchbox...  

And very rare... 

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