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Thursday, September 13, 2012

10 new cars, incl. Superfast Ferrari Berlinetta

Another (small) set of new cars - and unlike other sets - this set was better than expectations...

To start off, I got 2 new color variations - the blue and white AMC Javellin and the maroon Ford Cortina. Neither are super-rare - but both new to me.   Interestingly my childhood collection included both cars - the Javellin in blue (when the rivets gave out on the base, my Dad super-glued the base to the body) and the Cortina in light green. 
 Next, two more cars from my childhood collection - but unlike my childhood versions, these two are essentially mind - the Corvette and the Range Rover Police Patrol truck (though with a blue interior and light - unlike mine that had an orange interior and light). 

And of course, the rate Superfast Ferrari Berlinetta (my second in superfast - and my 7th if I include the green regular wheel versions (spoked and discs)). 

 And then 5 more cars in non-mint but pretty good condition...  Overall a nice find! 

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