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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wonderful Impy Lone Star Mercedes 220 SE

What a wonderful find - an Impy Lone Star Mercedes 220 SE, with opening doors, trunk and hood.  Nicely detailed - though to my eyes the car sits a tiny bit higher than it should (compare it to similar vintage Matchbox regular wheel 300 SE - which sits overly low).  I don't have many Impys - so this was a nice addition.  And this is the first 220 SE that I own (the bane of Matchbox collectors is that we all have 100+ versions of every generation of Corvette - but no Chevettes....). 

The car even came with its original box in reasonable condition. 

I'm never sure what to call these cars....  Impy?  Lone Star?  Roadmaster?  Super Cars?  The cars are branded with 4 different brand names - as if they couldn't decide which one it should be...  Maybe the head of marketing came from General Motors (should this car be a Pontiac, an Oldsmobile, a Buick, or a Chevrolet?  Hmm, lets make it all of them - plus a Saturn!). 

Regardless, a very valued addition to my collection. 


  1. One of my favorite 1/64 brands and castings, very nice!

  2. Thanks! I'm planning to do a post just about Impys pretty soon in the future - so check back soon!