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Monday, March 9, 2015

Vintage Yatmings

I recently purchased a "lot" of vintage Yatmings, containing several moderate to poor quality models but also these two wonderful examples of the early high-quality models. 

Yatming is an odd brand - at times disparaged as worthless and poorly detailed, some with plastic bases, and the worst of them being almost uncollectible.  But the true diecast collector searches for them anyway in the hopes of finding those unusual and rare early all-metal models. 

The two shown here are excellent (if a little overly-played-with) examples of those early models.  The quality and workmanship remind me of early '70s Tomica models, (helped of course by one of the modeled cars being a Toyota Crown (frequently modeled by Tomica), and the other being a Dodge Coronet - a model produced by Tomica as part of their US-spec "F" line). 

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