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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Rare Matchbox Transitional Mustang... ...but in the super-rare regular wheels white-color!

Regular readers of my blog know that my favorite die-cast brand is Matchbox, and my favorite Matchbox's are the super-fast transitionals...

On of the rarer and harder to find of the transitionals is the Mustang, and one of the very rare variations of this rare model is to get it in the same white paint as the regular-wheels version. 

I just received this one in the mail, an Ebay find.  It's pretty beat up - the paint is heavily chipped and the trailer hook is gummed up and twisted off, but the wheels and axles are straight (a pet peeve of mine) and the glass is all sound.  It is original and authentic and ready to be played with. 

The price was surprisingly low, even though the shipping costs from England were high.  I expected to be out-bid given how difficult of a model it is to find.   

Overall, I'm thrilled with the purchase and the model.  This is a favorite casting of my mine, and I frankly never expected to find it in white - beat-up or mint. 

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