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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mystery Car and Car Brand: "Wheeler" Ford GT, made in Hong Kong

I'm a huge fan of the 1/64 diecast cars from my childhood - the '70s and '80s.  So I eagerly collect them all, and am always on the lookout for something unusual but nice, regardless of brand...

...and about a year ago, I came across this very unusual car - a bronze Ford GT40, with wheels copied from a '70s Matchbox car.  The toy company name on the bottom reads as "Wheeler", and the car is identified as a Ford GT TO (I have no idea to what the "TO" refers).

Its a nice model, with a full interior.  The car rolls well even though there is not much suspension to feel when you press down against the Matchbox-ish wheels.  The full metal detail on the diecast body is comparable to what Matchbox would have done.  The baseplate is plastic and very plain.  Scale wise it fits into the middle of the normal range of what is considered 1/64th scale, if perhaps a little short and slightly too tall for a real (roughly 40 inch high) GT40..... 

I'd love to collect more of these "Wheeler" models, but haven't been able to find anything about them or any mention of them anywhere.  (It doesn't help that typing in "wheeler" into an internet search engine invariably results in lots of big rig "18 wheeler" references).  Does anyone know about this brand? 

Overall, a nice model and very unique part of my collection!


  1. i have one similiar but mine says wheller instead of wheeler it's a purple le mans racer. i got it in the late 70s from a toy store in baton rouge. it came out of a box similiar to matchboxes. i have no idea what it is or who makes it and i can't find any information about it. wheller doesn't excist neither does wheeler.

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  4. i will sell mine but it won't be cheap because i am sure me and you have some one off matchbox knockoffs from the 70s. i don't have the box anymore. but mine says wheller not wheeler but it is designed the same. i have been searching for another one like this for years. message me on facebook i am under chris feske from louisiana. i am gonna make my car my profile pic


  6. you will have to copy and paste the url i sent on the last two