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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Johnny Lightning Chevelle - such a perfect model

Talking about how the '68 Charger was one of my favorite castings from Johnny Lightning's Muscle Cars 2 series made me think about other favorite Johnny Lightning cars...  ...and so I decided to add a post of this Chevelle - one of my all-time favorite Johnny Lightning castings.

It's such a favorite that I've got it in 5 colors.  In the photo above, the cars are arranged in roughly the order that I bought them, left to right.  The first 2 on the left are my favorites, with the fourth brown one my least favorite. 

It's a wonderful casting, wide and broad, heavy and weighty, with nice detail all around, an opening hood, and occasionally with rubber tires.  The up-close photo below shows how nice the grill and lights are.  The grill alone is one of the reasons its such a favorite casting. 

Interestingly, Hot Wheels also did a model of the same car, and while its lighter than the much more expensive Johnny Lightning car, its a very similar (and correct!) size - a nice car but with less expensive detail.  The last 2 photos below compare the HW and the JL cars - as you can see they are very similar.  Both are favorite cars of mine from their respective brands. 

Feb. 27, 2016 Update:  With Johnny Lightning's supposed "re-launch" of the brand, I found this color variation in a new blisterpack last week.  Given my love for this casting, I bought it...  Pretty Nice!

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