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Monday, May 11, 2015

Re-Sprayed 2 Tone Matchbox Land Rover 90 (Defender 90)

Over the last 20 years I've re-painted many cars.  Some have come out terribly, many have come out OK, and a few came out very nice. 

I did this Land Rover Defender 90 about 15 years ago (pre kids) and am very pleased with how it came out - particularly since I did it 2 tone (the bronze was sprayed, the black was brushed on).  I'm not sure that the 2 tone is at all correct - that Land Rover ever did any in a 2 tone like this - or that I put the color demarcation lines in the right places.  But I liked it - and its my car - and so I'm the only judge who matters!

What I like best about it is the rich metallic color of the bronze, how nicely the bronze goes with the black, and how the black luckily didn't keep many brush marks.  I also like the model itself - I only ever re-paint models that I like - since otherwise the time commitment just isn't worth it!

Whenever I re-spray a car I always also paint the base - in this case in a charcoal.  I also did additional detail - the lights, the grill, etc.  I've gotten away from this detail in some of the more recent re-sprays that I've done.  But in this case it came out nice.  

The overall effect is very pleasing.  I hope you like my creation as much as I like it!

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